IMG_6593Ana was enslaved in prostitution for 26 years on the streets of Nicaragua. With no hope for her future, she lived in constant fear for her life and the safety of her three children. Through our safe house partner, Breaking Chains, Finding Freedom was able to assist getting Ana off of the streets and into a safe home of her own, after completing the program of restoration set up for her. Ana and her children found needed safety while she began the process of healing.

Ana responded immediately and enthusiastically to the love she received and through the amazing healing power of God was able to rebuild her life and reconnect with her children. In the process Ana fell in love… with Jesus.

AnaShe participated in Finding Freedom’s Dream Workshop where she was challenged to dream without limits. Ana’s Dream Journal was filled with hopes and desires that just a year prior would have seemed impossible to even imagine.  Ana dreamed of becoming a pastor and helping other women off the streets. She dreamed of one day having her own house. She prayed that through the power
of God, she would break the cycle of abuse and violence
through which she suffered and provide a better life for her children.

One of our best days of 2013 at FFI was the day we spent with Ana as she gave us a tour of the home Finding Freedom had purchased for her and her family to live. Ana’s proudest feature of her new home? An actual indoor toilet!

Ana recently wrote to Tera, “I thank you infinitely because you made one of my dreams come true… to have my own house, a roof for my children and a place to invite my Lord Jesus. It is so wonderful, there are no words for it. I still remember the first day I arrived at the ministry when I saw you. I knew you were an angel sent from God. Jesus gave me back my laughter.”

.Ana - Meg

Ana’s story is featured in the latest video we have posted in
our Media Center. It is a wonderful example of the work we
are blessed to have the privilege of
 completing around the world.
It is only through your prayers, support and
 generosity that we
can continue to help women like Ana.